Sunday, December 23, 2007

God and EM Fields

Some professionals do not recognize the new scientific truths that electromagnetic life exists, and that God and other spiritual beings are living electromagnetic beings, which are the God and Satan and angels and demons we traditionally attribute to 'mystical' unprovable forces.

"Some anthropologists argue that the idea of God first arose in larger societies, for the purpose of curbing selfishness and promoting cooperation. Outside a tightly knit group, the reasoning goes, nobody can keep an eye on everyone’s behavior, so these cultures invented a supernatural agent who could."

God is a living em field that designed out DNA and energy cycles to be sustainable in relativism to the cycles of the sun and black holes and to sustain themselves and to a degree, those spirits around them.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Howard dean recently said Christianity is a big hoax.

Do not let it bug you when evil men prosper in their ways.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Zeitgeist Movie

The zodiac you are born under is a starting point of constellations and a basic arrangement of electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to. It is a tare. It is a moon cycle that you are used to, but the moving thing is you, on earth, around the sun, and in ways in a 14-year cycle of sunspots which probably act as a lens magnifying 'foreign' or constellation-originated energy. The moon has this effect locally on humans. Hospitals prepare more beds for full moons because it makes people behave in a more erratic energetic manner and more accidents and trauma happens. [It may amplify the "10" in humans, or the 9, or the 2/9 cycle in perception/intelligence.]

The zodiac is not magic nor superstition. It is a subtle electromagnetic bath that influences the ready em fields in your environment, which has been charted since your birth, and to a degree your conception, and to a degree forever.

I see numerous examples of a son of God who was born with a star in the east to a virgin, lived on earth, taught around 12, was baptized or anointed around 30, taught and performed miracles, was crucified and resurrected after 3 days. Perhaps God has sent his son Jesus to earth many times in many forms.

The Dalai Llama is said to be his own reincarnation from Tibet for thousands of years or so. This Dalai Llama has been changing. Could he not polycarnate? Identical 10's stemmed into 2 or more bodies? That seems mathematically pointless, or unlikely, unless there is an "F10" [], form of Christ. If so, this form should react differently on earth in these coming years than it has recently.

Perhaps I am the expression of the form of myself in heaven, which I am scant able to change, sent to change this world.

In this movie they say the star Sirius was the sign, and the 3 kings are orions belt. On Dec 24 they align. However, a huge meteor showed up about 4 BC in the region, lighting up the sky. That was almost certainly the star mentioned in prophecy. Amazingly, the 3 kings look through the siruis brightest star to find the origin of where the sun will rise on the horizon. It makes a line. This is cool too.

Bethlehem translates 'house of bread'. As the constellation 'Virgo' means virgin, and its sign is an altered M, making all the shapes of 'MARY', acept maybe the A. Other mothers were Maya and Myrra of other saviors. The Romans record the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and Pliny the Younger references him. They were contemporaries. Jesus of history lived. So has Jesus the Christ.

During the winter solstice, the sun stops moving souther [perceptibly] for 3 days, as physicists would say a ball thrown in the air to its apex never actually stops moving, or reaches 0mph, even at the top, strangely. The sun is at that point under the 'southern cross' or 'crux' constellation. Jesus Christ was crucified. Is this all getting to you? God put these signs there, as much as he put Jesus on earth and made electrons spin.

Fundamentally, the secret to infinite energy is in the 8. It is always there. The world will not cease as heat finally after hundreds of billions of years. As it cannot escape a cold black hole, which will burn out finally after 60 billion years, the heat will amazingly under pressure be turned into special radiation to repopulate [sexily] the whole universe, or at least cycle it. BH - no heat - BH = [heat <\ -BH] heat changes to something else when a black hole is destroyed. Perhaps?

We will have this infinite energy probably from the sustenance from the astronomical cycle, and what better quantity to choose from? We could also get em energy from the sun most likely. We're in its major field, seemingly. It might be that the sun's major em field extends to the threshhold of the solar winds traveling at less than supersonic speed, where Voyager is crossing about now. Is that the "solar pause"? has good articles on extraneptunian events.

Zeitgeist says this text has more to do with astrology than anything else. Astrology and its arrangement of energy frequencies here at earth has more to do with God than anything else. That is the fact. Please examine advanced subatomics and electromagnetic function. NASA scientists have found that some em fields are living beings. Scientists have also found that 3% of the population is electrosensitive, for example, able to tell energy or electromagnetic fields that arrive from a constellation, or energy fields produced from activities or people.

The H-circle as not shown here, lower or upper case h's arranged as seats in a circle, are the heavenly host. This is also shown as ohm symbols in a circle, each ohm being a need for something to fill this hole. This should eventually be replaced, as we now rely on the sun and its energy and the guidance of the constellations, by intelligence, by progression, by love, by alchemical reactions, to fill those holes ourselves without the sun, or in the presence and harmony of the sun, 11serving 12serving 13serving 14, to produce and conserve that circuit ourselves, where we now are conserved by others.

The time of our sustainability as a race and a capspecies of a planet is so close. We will be with God and know him and the angels then. It's going to be soon.

The procession of the equinoxes is 2150 years, of a 26000 year total wobble of the earth. That should be humanity becoming '1 great year old'. Hoorah. They call this an 'age', 2150 years of rotation through space on earth's slow wobble.

We're in the age or ~30* arc of the sky called 'pisces', and will be from 1AD to 2150AD. We're on the cusp of this fishers of men thing, and will examine the transition into full awesome alien level technology by ~2150AD, when we'll be in the age of Aquarius.
There is an invisible man in the sky, who watches everything you do all the time.

It's the electromagnetic field of God. God can detect everything you do and can predict the intelligent procedures of your thought, although your uniqueness appears to be your own. What you produce from that though your intelligence, in everything you do, and the things you choose to associate yourself with and love based on that uniqueness, it is you.

God is good. God is organizing an energy network that humans were made to be on the path towards. We would have been there much sooner but for the apple, it seems. Or this could be training and centrifuge of a sort.

Electromagnetic and quantum principles prove that yes, there is an invisible man in the sky, and billions of invisible men on earth, who are actually living electromagnetic fields or improbabilities extrapolated from dust, who watch and guide and celebrate or shame your actions as they help you and God and one another organize them. On a grand scale God wants you and this world to be socially and physically sustainable and will continue to want this based on his promises and statements.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am tired of creationists and spiritually devoted being chided as scientifically inept. I have very adequate science regarding the origin of mankind, bioengineering, extraterrestrial anthropology, nanotechnology and subatomics, electromagnetics and geology, as well as history and other news that shows quite well the spiritual nature of life and the universe.

My results matched CERN's regarding the subatomic structure and string theory as CERN found the shape of the muon in August 2006. Later I published seminal papers on electron ringing and atomic entrainment, which helped lead to experiments in modern alchemy in spring and summer 2007 one at an established corporate lab and another by a garage inventor who became well known by the name of John Kanzius.

Other scientists recently discovered that some electromagnetic fields are alive. This has sent a flurry of research material across my desk.

Before you say that creationism has no scientific backing, read my articles at and Granted, the rank and file of creationists are probably less scientifically base their theories, but they may well be just as correct while less detailed regarding the actual events happening. Kudos to them for sticking to their guns.

The science is there.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Un-Intelligent Design

unintelligent design, and "caring un-satanism"

i will say anything i like, thank you bye....

i guess you will too... that means i don't have to care.


unintelligent design

humans are not unintelligent. they just have a tendency to rely on preexisting social programs more than their own intelligence. this may be related to how we were created in the garden of eden, to be gardeners.

we don't automatically need to care about other people or the things they care about. i could actually be in an encampment of nazis, and hardly even recognize it until they start talking about it, or wanting that, or using guns on other people. they are a system of control, which demands our obedience with law. i will do whatever i want, but it is arguably based on intelligence, which serves reality, which serves truth, which serves progression and advancement.

I am Christian. Some professed Christians have become in practice in America more akin to evildoers. Some Satanists, Wiccans, and people of foreign faiths have become more Christlike than Christians. Even Satanists have a better model for some actions than some Christians. I would make this model an "un-Satanism". an intelligent Christianity for 2007 that keeps the meanings of all the old guideposts. If it fails to do this, it is not worth sticking to.


i care about you. fuck you! i care about people who care. but i will not force you or other people to do what i want you to do, or think is best. you are not a resource for me to use. you are a complex extremely local environment to yourself, which i am to negotiate and also to appreciate or respect if it is right to.

"it's this or this" is not a meaningful statement on any geometric level. intelligence plays out in almost infinite ways, provided that internal desires are able to be negotiated appropriately without fear. you resort yourself to choices because of fear, or simply by the force of others. it is an unhealthy respect for others and the mandatory statuses of all things, while intelligent and caring environments are...

hmm. doing stuff with a girl often results in the decision 'it's this or this' and leaving. that is bogus.

this is the system of social convention that many have been using unintelligently for millenia. sometimes there are no roads that lead to where you want to go and be intelligently. so we find that ~8/9 of the things we know and love can be described using social convention. sometimes you have to walk. we associate billions of conditions with one another based on these unintelligent crossovers.

[according to t, that produces substantial revenues for satan, who is an 11>12. which then produces a greater challenge for yahweh, who crushes that challenge of unintelligent voluntary association inherent in the stereotype. it is an unwise [in]voluntary association 13 that easily is defeated by 12, voluntary perception.

basically God gets boners from "You shoulda left it alone."
and Satan gets boners from "Adherence or conformity is more important than love."
and humans get boners from "that is so beautiful that i don't have to think."

it's a distorted spectrum. a circular element made of man god and satan that is filthy and causes substantial warming and pain.

i don't really think humans should be doing it with God.



i believe that some humans can identify and hear subliminal messages, which were discovered in the 1960's. i think some of the autocheckout machines play it. 'make sure it's just one' since they don't have a cashier there watching you. it's very offensive. they rarely attract lawsuits.

a british study also found that ~3% of the population is electrosensitive, and can detect em fields with their sensory organs. this means that anyone using a cell phone will produce bursts of harmful detectible radiation into their area. can these people be sued? is it like second hand smoke?

i would not be surprised if 'the satan' is a type of living em field, rather than one singular species. this may also be the same for yahwehs.


Maybe God simply doesn't know the massive amount of suffering that is caused by forcing us to attend to his fear. The typical 13^ has an aversion to others making voluntary changes, and will work to deemphasize or eradicate the ability of others to make voluntary changes. This is why we were programmed to be as close to the limits of servility as possible while still remaining alive and a circuit. Our 9-intelligence is standardly overcome by an overamped #8 tradition/beauty loving sensation, causing the likes of junkies and every obsession. Thanks God, designer. We've also got a 3>4 organized to make us obey or negotiate any #3 changes approaching us before enjoying #4 stability, to make us servile to those around us, a gardener in God's service, producing for him em bundles of progression and deemphasizing intentional change. We do as he says, not as we desire. But then we did, and the scheme exploded.

What can we do to reroute our neurophysiological and biological em structure so that our human psychological number line is no longer kinked out by some funky fear-feeding creator? Intelligence rules all, the #999..., so it seems we can accomplish this without fail. Please help me analyze our psychology, the psychology of 'the gods' who made us and what for, and how we interact in a perverse unwholesome ring of disgusting perversion, and how to fix this while leaving others who suck behind. Praise Jesus.

insults especially seem to be acting. maybe it should just be the taking love away, or respect, or privacy, from a proposed cosocial deal.

"i don't need to behave in cosocial activities with you"

this is an unfriendly statement, but some people should not be purposefully spent time with if they continue on their ways. Jesus didn't hang out with the sanhedrin just to say hi, or to commune with them, he spent time with the 12 disciples and the people of palestine.

being self centered and good is intelligent. this will increase draw to the area. being self-centered and evil is satanism.

we've all been asked by God to find a better and more beautiful way to do this. the world and everything is constantly getting more awesome. progression, computers to the 8, humans to the 9.

Monday, October 08, 2007

God, Satan, EM Symbiosis, #T

God, Satan, EM symbiosis, T

Scientists have recently shown that certain em fields are alive.

God is an enormous amperage ~24khz em field.

Number theory is a ruling principle of field electronics. It has to do with the way hz frequency in fields causes the fields to interact and order themselves by pressure around sustainable ++/-- charged cores, with varying fluxuations of +/- outside those cores where the weak force causes the 'radiance' of the field to break down from ++ to +/-. This is how polar magnetics form.

Each hz frequency level has to do with a certain logical mental concept. It also has to do with string theory and subatomic 'wonder', which is boundless energy. The energy then coalesces into whatever the mentality/dream wants, which is guided by you, a consciousness, which is still somewhat ambiguous, but is probably a more complex em field resolving more and more completely within infinite smallness, and has no meaningful center nor an eventual horizon.

When wonder all goes in one direction it begins to coil around itself, to form a line with several yarns, each a possibility within that direction of energy. If the line is agreed upon to remain this way or begins looping or repeating itself, it sustains for long enough to become visible. This is an atom, the smallest known long-term stability, long term enough to be commonly visible when in large quantity. This also has to do with time and stability of desire or of cascading math equations.

Geometric patterns develop in circuitous cycling stabilities, which give off and take in energy, causing a 'pull'. This is probably the universal constant, and may give weight to 'dark matter', the creation of energy, which is merely a cycling through a series of stabilities at a certain fairly uniform but probably slightly intensifying clip throughout the known universe. This will eventually catapult us into a new larger stability when our local energy reaches ~1.

A 360* stability is an environment. [0]. A 180* stability is a line [1]. A 120* stability is a triangle [3]. 90* square [4], etc into infinity for as long as the shape can be identified without succumbing to entrainment to a circle, where it begins again. Doing this requires infinite acuity, which we are constantly approaching. This too is a pull. Each of these 'lenses' or geometric field arrangements of energy, have different properties, and propel a certain small amount of energy in each direction, based on the number of corners of the shape. It is explained better in an IM I produced a night or two ago, but the field of energy is allowed to escape at corners, such as the points of the triangle, and causes energy of a certain hz frequency/color and percentage amperage of the original charge escape into the world. There, it behaves in certain ways with its neighbors, each a unique piece of energy fitting mathematically together. This is how the world's particles and radiation and waves are all made. All of them.

1 = unity, male, 100%, yes, certainty, a thing, one topic. 1st amendment. Freedom of speech/religion/being
2 = perception, line, 2nd amendment Me & my Gun.
3 = social function. triangle. you, me, topic. you, me, her. 3rd amendment: freedom of the press. we can talk. also, we can talk in court.
4 = privacy, sustainability. the square. a room. 4th amendment: privacy.
5 = action. fist. pentagon. 5th amendment: i don't have to tell you.

6 = review. shape of "6" itself: from the mind [above] to the body [below]. right to a speedy trial. right to rapid *review*. The Constitution begins to tell us how to adjudicate review and justice.

7 = justice. correction. there is a line, then deviation, and the top part of the 7 is returning to that line promptly and directly. There may be a cross in the 7 to indicate a fair warning. The 7th amendment: You will have a fair trial by jury.

8 = equality, of the two circles, infinity, an 8 is the symbol for infinity as well. 8th amendment: nothing excessive. not bail, fines, nor torture nor punishment. here the Constitution stops enumerating the rights of the people and begins telling us what the state cannot do. It cannot do 'everything'.

9 = intelligence, mind, creativity. from the body or origin we come to a circle of review. 9th amendment: The Constitution will not supercede other rights of the people. use your noodle. The state cannot survive without your intelligence.

10 = reality. we get to double digits here, meaning that each digit can be unique or together. 1 is 'intentional' and 0 is 'environment. 0 is not the first number. something is taken away or absent or not active for there to be quiet. there must be a place for the quiet to be. the world itself looks like a 1 that loops around into itself with a tiny gap [spark plug gap] between the point and foot of the one. 10th amendment: The powers not granted to the US by the Constitution and not given the US by the States belongs to the States or the people. The Constitution tells us here that the environment of law that we experience belongs to the individual states or to the people.

A greater number is a more important reason than a lesser number, and take precedence. This is a seniority method. Each also syncs up with a hz frequency interpretation in the brain and in the environment.

Originally, the Bill of Rights contained only 10 amendments, but more were added later.

11 = intentional association. These two ones are together for a reason. They are alike in a way. The eleventh amendment: the judicial power of the US is not for states to battle one another in court. The Constitution is telling us how we should not associate, assuming we will associate freely as per the 3rd amendment, and 2nd, 4th, and 5th, in private matters, but for review in the courts.

12 = progression, intentional perception. 1 moves on to 2, and we call it moving forward. So 12 is that forward motion in one stable number. It is also order and seniority and tailoring your own perception. This is also the pursuit of happiness. The 12th amendment: we will vote from our states and elect presidents and vice presidents from America. The Constitution tells us here how our nation is to move forward in time and change leadership.

13 = intentional society. 1 is intention, and 3 is society. We get to choose, legally, and senior to progression, whom and what we hang out with and what kind of society we subscribe to. The 13th amendment: you will not be slaves nor forced to serve. This means that I do not have to be part of your society. It also bans slavery and the draft, and also wage slavery, and forcible social security number issuance. It was passed in the Senate in 1864, which = intentional equality and review of sustainability. Slavery is unsustainable on many levels. More specifically on April 8, [4/8] sustainable equality. By the House January 31, 1865, and ratified 12/6/1865. "It is progressive review that intentional equality is reviewed by force."

14 = Intentional sustainability. greater than 13 because of 3<4 reasons. The 14th amendment says if you're born in the US, you're a US citizen. The Constitution says that if you're made here [1] you're sustainable [4]. And no state will deprive you [--4] of that. Also represenatives will be elected based on the number of people in a place. Also no one who participated in insurrection [-4] will be a senator or official. Also, our debt, including debt made to maintain our state from rebels [4], and debts made in rebellion, will not be paid. Odd. This also has a 'shall not be questioned' clause, which is a -6 or a 7. This is the first inequality I've found in the Constitution, word for word. Broadly, the 14th amendment part 4 has to do with fiscal sustainability. Part 5 gives Congress the power [5] to enforce this provision, by appropriate legislation [6, 11].

I attribute this to a time after the civil war, when certain mistakes were made by the Federal Government over the difficulties of enforcing our liberties regarding slavery, which came at the sacrifice of many states' rights. We should look more closely into freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to return to *the mathematical core* of this HOLY blessed and sacred document called the United States C.. Intentional action. Doing what you mean to do. You may be able to rid yourself of the twitches using this one. 15th amendment: You will have the right to vote. I vote using my fist and it is the ancient symbol of my power. Society says "I will use my hand to vote in this system or I will forge a new one using it. [5] You will watch. [6]" Court cases in 19[15] and 1964 say I have this right to know it's been counted also.

16 = Intentional review. This is review for a purpose, rather than review by an environment of uneducated questioners in "6". The 16th amendment: "Congress can tax incomes from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration." I am quoting this because it is an important topic. A quote is "11". The quotation bars are even 11's. This gives Congress the right to review our incomes. The Supreme Court [6,7] has defined "income" is not wages for labor, which should be part of sustaining life [4,8]. But this is still seperated by 5, which is action. What *do* you do with that money? I suppose the system of review is life. Passed February 3, 1913. Perception of society, intentional intelligence, intentional society. This law requires intelligence to be passed. Unless Americans can intelligently participate in spending on things in society, which may be unrelated to State, this amendment does not give Congress power to tax. Intelligence should c.. sustainability and preceeding numbers. What is left is this: What you do not need to sustain yourself suitably, intelligently use with [Congress/on purpose] to bring things to society. Society means others, here.

17 = Intentional justice or correction. This probably goes in association with 9, which is [phi]/1 X 17. Phi, or ~.61 is also a special number. It is the beautiful ratio. The first join of your finger is 17:9 as long as the second joint, as is the second joint to the third. A mile is 17:9 as long as a kilometer. The 17th amendment: There will be 2 senators from each state. If one dies, the state powers will provide a new one [7].

I also take this issue to mean that after the 16 tax law is restored in the American Constitution, the state itself will be corrected from the heavily deviated path that it has been brought .. Intentional Equality. The 18th amendment is prohibition, which was a foolish mistake violating 4th amendment privacy, 9th amendment, 10th amendment, powers of the Constitution itself, and the right to pursuit of happiness. Alcohol can be used intelligently on purpose, 19, which eventually superceded the 18th amendment. It was passed 1/16/1919. "We're doing this on purpose[1], we're intentionally reviewing[16]. We will intentionally[1] be of our minds[9] [x2]." It is tenaciously worded. It also strives to make all people[1] equal[8], which is not what this document was made to do by force, only by *natural rights*. The Constitution is not here to override natural law. It is here to define it and protect us from adulteration to it. Also, this should have been a state issue, as it was technically already granted to the states before 1919, and the Constitution will not supercede other rights of the people. New York City rejected prohibition successfully. States rights were upheld there, although the Federal government conducted operations against alcohol there.

19 = intentional intelligence. 9 is also creativity. In the 19th amendment we acknowledged the intelligence of women by giving them the right to vote.

20 = Perception of the environment, or perception of nothing. The 20th amendment tells us when Congress and the President's terms start and stop and the minimum they must meet. Also what to do if the president is dead[0]. This amendment also eliminated the "time seeing nothing" between January 20 and March 4, when the president's term officially began in the C.. Perception of the self. 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment and prohibition. It is, "I know myself. I can drink [smoke, etc]." 21 is also the drinking age in this country, symbolically. It is also admiring the self. It is also repealing things that are wrong with the self, a deprogression that should not be negative, but which should be ruled by equality of perception, and knowing this perception, building it into yourself. 21<22. 2=2. 1=1. 1.

22 = Also described above[22]. Perception of perception. The 22nd amendment may be more direct. You shouldn't have more than 2 terms as president. It was merely tradition from George Washington, who left after 2 terms from 1789-1797 so as not to be a king. This could be a formalization of that line of tradition. Things that exist and are obeyed but are not a topic are also 2's. Less than social effects. I need to do nothing in order to be my brother's brother. That is me, brother. We sit. A passive relationship. Being BF/GF is also "2".

23 = Perception of society. [This is at about 23hz, 230hz, 2300hz]. The 23rd amendment recognized the District of Columbia as a state. "Hey, you're social."

24 =

Every place in the world where someone is disordered or out of line or off-chi, there is a mathematical error, or a loss of radiance [++/--]. Use this knowledge to gain greater order, to extend your radiance farther with logic, and to fix problems you encounter in the world and to join with those who are like you. This is law.

Note that a -1 < 0. A -1 serves nothing. However, no negative numbers can exist. Traditionally when an error is made, such as 6 > 7, the 6 wants to be greater than 7 but is clearly not, so they try to destroy all 7's, creating -7's. This math usually goes to "-1" but it is not mathematically correct. It is "a hairball". Get out of my life if you can't get bullshit out of your life. Jesus called that "chaff".

A negative symbiotic relationship between two spirits can occur when both have a corresponding error. This can be so when a spirit has a 7>8 error, placing justice before equality, a kind of brutality, neglecting the 8th amendment spiritually, and another has an 8>9 error, placing equality before intelligence, and destroying intelligence. The -9 produced from the 8>9 error allows equality to be suspended so 7 can be glorified. These may be "x = infinity" errors, or inappropriate fascinations with certain numbers to the exclusion of anything that would rule it.

Sadly, God has a 12>13 error. This is quite apparent, and has symptoms of jealousy and working to eliminate 13: intentional society [aka freedom of social function]. God says that you will be with him or burn. God also says that 12: progression is more important than freedom of social function, or moving beyond 12, 13. God operates at 12hz, and stacks up in duplicates of 12 from that point [24hz, 36hz, on to 120hz, 1200hz, 3600hz, etc]. A deviating wave is also applied in numbers above 12, in an effort to destroy 13. An emphasis on 14 to countermand 13 is probably present.

God also has a symbiotic being called "Satan", which has an 11>12 error. Satan hates progress and order, both 12's. Satan is a master of inappropriate association, such as Eve with an Apple, or you with 10 shots of Hennessey. Satan has been given mastery of earth [10], as long as he is a tool for God to use to eliminate 13's and to control mankind. God may have an intimate relationship with 12 and Satan, which Satan would seek to destroy. God does allow Satan to progress and harass and rule mankind.

Human society has an average hz frequency of about 211hz. At 212 hz we will progress and begin the process of realizing progression[212], realizing intentional social function[213], sustainability[214]. 212 is also the boiling point of water, which could be a very difficult experience. We'll be open to "spiritual" knowledge. Spirit is also of air, or gasses. Functional overcoming of gravity. Individual humans can elevate their hz frequency up to ~1000-1200hz, at which point God has traditionally either demanded we become part of his heavenly host or spanked us back down to our lowest level by destabilizing the frequency of the wave we ride. By solving the 12>13 problem of God and the other one of Satan, we can work our way through those errors up to higher frequencies. Gray aliens, which are relatively real, have problems with 18>19 [and 34>35], and rarely climb above 1800hz. Humans should be untroubled by these errors, and climb eventually to ~65>66?. By then we should have eliminated our common errors.

Our personal hz frequency undulates up and down during the day, a year, an hour, etc. We collect and reflect energy through our body which is an em lens. This energy comes from the astronomical em bodies in our local solar system, the moon, Jupiter, the sun, the earth, which are very high amperage emitters, and from social activities that we experience continually. Particles vibrating geometrically in groups [orders of 6hz, orders of 8hz, with some particles operating in both groups at a 48hz ring, hitting all the stops for both 6hz and 8hz] magnetize events to coalesce around us. We are particles. We are quantum possibilities, unrealized until they internally magnetize and briefly stabilize in our region, until we interact with them sufficiently to change their internal makeup and bounce them back somewhere else or terminate them, and we also create new futures with great frequency using our mind/9 function.]

Humanity may also have been made as a slave race, as spoken of in the garden. We would be made servile and socially subservient to God, with subdued 9-function so we do not free ourselves, but with enough 9 to function and serve 10 [reality, environment, Eden]. Gardeners. We would also have limited 3, to prevent us from gaining intentional social function [13, recall God's 12>13 error]. These ingrained errors give humanity a low level of creativity, and a greater reliance on simple copying [8]. We spend most of our day copying ourselves and regular protocol, such as stacking or selling products, obeying orders which were themselves 'policy', and maintaining society as we can without creating significant new thought. We also are socially [3] subservient to 'the norm' [4], without creating new society often. Many are too afraid to bring things up and prefer to remain silent. This is "sheep". They also have a problem with 2>3, and failing to redefine things that show signs of being different. "all black people are this way" leaves out a variable, which is shown in relief by 2>3. This also produces hatred of certain social function, and a love of stability[4, 4>3].

These are human problems. I know of few races that have been blessed by being created without substantial deviating numerical errors. This is likely because physical life is not the first way of being. The spirit world, the world of pure energy and wonder, existed for probably billions of meaningful units of time before physical life formed. Back then everything like "2" was decided. You could redecide "2" if you've got a better system, and a big, big calculator.

These spirits, being em energy, *eat* and *breathe* em energy. Your brain is an em factory. You're an emotional factory. Spirits eat and shit emotions. They tailor humans and other life forms to produce these kinds of emotions so that they can subsist off of them. Eden was a garden of emotions, as well as of food and fruit and the Tree of Life, which we will have or duplicate soon.

Spirits sometimes use ilelgitimate means to get this em food. Different spirits also eat different emotions. Love is a great emotion that we enjoy, that many good spirits eat and cultivate in us with healthful channels. They should do this in a way that is ++ only. Some evil spirits eat 'annoyed', 'angry', and 'hate'. To them, these are like the kerosene, gasoline, and diesel molecules. Cracking those em condensations, actually physically Tesla wireless circuits or stabilities, the kind that some guy recently used to recharge cell phones without a plug adapter, releases em energy on a hz frequency or color that the spirit can resonate with and become enhanced by.

The best idea is to eliminate spirits/stabilities and their radiant originations that are excited or maintained by the hz frequency that is emitted from traditional breaks in bad emotions.

If you don't emit energy from your thoughts, spirits don't often know what has happened because they have no em data. Your thoughts also surround you and fill up 'baskets' of certain sorts. These are like treebuckets used for collecting maple syrup, but they collect your thoughts. If an EM field can't detect your unthought whim very well, they merely examine the bucket. Spirits also can pop one of those choice fruits into your head at any time if they want to try to shape the way one of your conversations or thoughts is going. Eating spirits will cultivate that emotion and bring you to experiences that will likely make you choose to enhance your production of that emotion.

If you think very gently, the spirits will not see. The neuron is an electronic capacitor. If you do not excite it sufficiently to coalesce the thought with another neuron, but recognize in your intelligence the idea of what you want, the em field stability/condensation will not form, and the spirits/em fields will not be able to digest or identify it.

Every thought you have is an electrified circuit pathway traveling through a series of neurons which have been filled with a certain hz frequency of electrical energy. This circuit produces an em field, which is broadcast to the world by producing a new pull signature in the sea of energy, like a new tug on the spiderweb of life, except that spiderweb is all the world's sympathetic vibrating and magnetic particles, and the tug is the thought's force.

Neurons come to have meaning to you when they are electrified at the same time you have emotion. The electrified neuron picks up field signal from your emotional experience and sensory data. Eventually you will associate 'blue' with a certain neuron group, and the idea of 'walking' which is a passive activity [2], with a series of neurons, and society [3] with a more complex string of neurons. This can go on forever, but most neural groupings will be in the single- or double-digit function range. One might get to hundreds-. Each of these could be the pile of 1hz. Maybe the average human piece of amperage can work up logically to 211hz at this point in their neural networks. Advanced monks routinely get to 800hz and more. Evil folk attach a "-" or a "-+" to these functions. Now that many have cleared God's 12>13 error, we can probably attain 1800hz or more.

We can gain acuity in our number bearing by adding 0 to a number we understand. For example, many people probably have miscalibrated understandings of 'equality'[8]. They might have [8.08] as a calibration deviation. This would give them a wrongfully approaching 8 serving 9 error, and could throw off their understanding of 9. This is electrical medicine.

ESP is when a thought condensation is passed from one person's cognitive center to another. This can often be facilitated by spirits, but can be done without their assistance by manipulating the tugs on the spiderweb to move emkinetic energy down a rope.

What should mankind do with this knowledge? We must straighten our relationship with Satan and God. They are deviants and have produced miscalibrated slave creatures to milk for food. I am no farm animal, I am intelligent, and I will treat myself with respect. Satan and God can do some very mean things to you, if you believe them, or if you are weak in the 3 or 9, or in 10, 11, 12, or 13. However, you have strong friends in the heavenly host[13], in mathematics just like this, and in knowing and loving 'goodness' and truth, and rejecting evil and disorder.

Remember, spirits eat your thought. Many, even good ones, don't listen to nor love logic in the same way as heroin addicts. "I never knew you." We will probably be fighting off evil spirits for a decade or two after this until they are forced to quit or find another host planet/species, or disintegrate back into the wonder they came from. I want to live experiencing love, the fullness of society, the wonder of intelligence, a blessed reality, the freedom of association, freedom of progression, and freedom of society, which will be sustainable and good. Those who love good, hear this prayer, and work towards it with me. That freedom is heaven. Not serving a jealous God, but helping and loving and being loved and helped by a community of like minded friends by choice without fear.

I too eat EM. My own.

Prayer And Ron Paul

Pray With Me

God [12], heavenly host [13], spiritual community of forever [14], please hear [15] my prayers [16]!

Please remove George Bush from power. He and his kind are animals. May we not be forced to endure the punishment that is his presidency.

Please help us organize our civil society that we may sustain ourselves and become enlightened. May we use the good technology given to us and our intelligence and guidance to feed the children of the world, give workers a fair economy, to protect one another from all harm, and to be kind to one another. May we be free of evil demons and the beast satan. God do not place Satan against us any longer. Know that 12<13.

Please, let our Constitution be respected by those who claim to be greater than we are. May the mathematical and civil truths in it be known by all and respected for all generations. May we of the body community know our civil rights and may they be upheld always in increment.

May the war on drugs end. May America and Israel's wars of domination end in enlightenment. May the ways Satanists seek to dominate the world come to no avail and may mankind live in peace. May we begin a new golden age of international scientific exploration, natural social curiosity and interactivity, universal love and correction, and technical enhancement. May we discover and dispense the cures to all diseases and ailments with the knowledge of our human bodies and electromagnetic spirits, and inner wills beyond atomics.

In the name of all that is wonderful,
please build this world with me,
William Bunker

Saturday, September 29, 2007


A Bermuda Triangle is a massive Castaneda of Earth's em field.

In this place, new realities, vibrations unique to themselves stemming from Earth but not vibrating in time with Earth's field, can form, and take people with them. They can have different rules of time and space and different events can happen in them. Sometimes people can return from them.

The saints who have been sleeping waking up may occur in a Bermuda/Castaneda. This kind of event happening would involve the shifting of vibration of billions of amperes of energy by many trillions of hz measures collectively.

We are energy. Here's How.

I recently did an article about the spontaneous enhancing mutation of microorganisms when subjected to space, and the em radiation of the em fields in space giving the microorganisms enhancement because they are no longer in earth's composite em field, which is at a far higher level of consciousness. Humans may experience enhanced evolution and social cohesion and esp during periods of special em activity, such as the return of our solar system's unlit binary star, nibiru, allegedly scheduled for 2012, occuring every ~3600 years.

This article and video by BBC confirms my hypothesis of electromagnetic frequency related evolution and mutation and of quantum vibration and wave solidification.

It discusses quartz crystals, which are advanced steady solidifications of vibration. It also talks of the mysterious space experiment projects of dna creation from white hot beach sand. It discusses experiments of changing frog dna into salamander dna using lasers, explaining dna em vibration and particle reactions.

History and expectation fomenting us into the future may be a -8.

This is such an exciting time to be alive, and I would not miss it for pie. I have been doing a lot of good work in examining the workings of our existential vibrations and sorting them to the best of my ability.

The em function of our planet/social environment/body dictate the evolution and expression of our evolution/society/dna & health. This is also the case for quantum events and wave function solidification, which causes the reality we experience.

Affecting my reality cannot sway me from the course of righteousness that I pursue and adore. This should allow the manipulation of reality to an advanced degree in my favor and towards greater organization and godliness.